Our artifacts and artforms of the hand for the 21st century are nearly extinct and endangered .  Hushidar Mortezaie romanticizes the idea of the handmade as a notion of the past but rejects the idea that it must remain there.To counter the current end of days fast fashion culture he handpaints, silkscreens, and sews limited edition runs from his own past and his future past. He pays tribute to the unknown Iranian artisans that make up the creators of the handicrafts or Sanayeh Dastih like those of Isfahan's past and the rug weavers of Shiraz with his metalmesh and lace creations. In our consumerist days, he becomes a human xerox machine imitating it by craft and the use of hand ,finally negating it in a celebratory end of days look anar-chic point of pop 'till you drop view.