War Gamer Athletic Shorts
War Gamer Athletic Shorts

War Gamer Athletic Shorts

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Where is the Div-e-Sepid lurking ? The pale white skinned chieftain of the demons or Divs in farsi from the long epic  Iranian poem and folklore written by Ferdowsi is in hiding waiting to strike.It is believed that the div-e-sepid was a symbol for all the western and northern invaders who come to pillage Iran ...hiding in our dreams like a nightmare Army Dreamer within the cloudscapes of our antiquities and our moral tales. But nothong is purely one way so wemust ask who is the actual War Gamer?The orientalist clouds become the raver gamer's camouflage for our digital realities with a where's waldo treatment  to humanize the lone beast with silliness and question ourselves to always be fair.

Available in S- M-L- XL-XXL

Unisex Sporty shorts with drawstring waist & chord lock that you will live in.

Product Information:

Polyester Microfiber.
Inseam Length is 8-1/2"in. (on sample size M)

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