"CHIC"  Green Mint Chewing Gum  bag
"CHIC"  Green Mint Chewing Gum  bag

"CHIC" Green Mint Chewing Gum bag

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Hand painted appropriation by Hushidar Mortezaie of a green mint "chic" chewing gum from Iran onto a metal mesh bag with disco strap and zipper measuring 5 inches x 6.75 inches. Hushi (Hushidar) originated a process of painting onto metal in 2001 and has been perfecting his own handicraft invention since then. He uses automotive paints in layers, a stencil, mostly freehand painting, and  then a top coat to seal and protect the painting from being easily damaged.

Our artifacts and artforms of the hand for the 21st century are left to all that is not extinct, endangered, and thriving...consumerism.  Mortezaie bootlegs the idea of nostalgia with each handcrafted imitation to reach the new. He becomes a human xerox machine imitating it by craft and the use of hand ,finally negating it in a celebratory end of days look anar-chic point of pop 'till you drop view. Each design is done by hand and each product shows the use of the hand so beware it is not a machine print nor is each exactly the same. You are receiving a work of art by an artist at a very affordable price so hurry in 2020 it may be unattainable.



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